Odrey Hamilton


Full name
Odrey Lin Hamilton
Wikia and
Wikia - Pseudo-Miracles - pastelgalaxi

Odrey Lin Hamilton ( user pastelgalaxi, wikian Pseudo-Miracles) is the Hamilton family's single parent.  They work from home as an editor for fantasy books.



Odrey's penguin has short, black hair and tan feathers (I guess they're feathers?).  Their eyes are described as a vibrant olive green and they wear glasses with dark gray frames (unless sleeping/showering/swimming.)  Their typical outfit consists of a forest green newsboy-style cap (at times, their hair is put into a ponytail), an olive green scarf, a gray hoodie with a small panda design or a black and white striped tee, various colored bangles, and dark brown boots.  They have the family leaf pin and a tan palm tree background on their playercard.


Odrey's hair is pulled into a ponytail and their glasses are off.  They wear a gray Music Jam tee or a blue hockey jersey, and gray and red socks.  They retain other physical features.


Odrey's hair is pulled into a ponytail and their glasses are off. They wear a green two-piece swimsuit. They retain other physical features.


Odrey is funloving and somewhat bubbly.  They often get stressed due to work, but it doesn't affect their life much.  Compared to some parents, they're very lenient.  They often give metaphorical pushes away from the typical preppy personality to their children.  They enjoy all forms of the arts.  They can often be sarcastic.

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Their personality is similar to Pseudo's, particulatly the stressed and sarcastic aspects.

Odrey is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns (younger children mistake them for a boyish female, sometimes).  This leads to the Hamilton household's children learning about the LGBT+ community earlier and more than most children.

  • In fact, the Hamilton children learn about a lot of things somewhat early.

Pseudo's quick summary on this oc: "They're sort of what I want to be.  Put together, not letting my stress get in the way of life, but still able to have fun.  Their style is really hipster-y, like the cool side of Tumblr just barfed."