"Hi! My name is Luan. My nicknames are Lulu and Annie. I love ToraDora!, Osomatsu-San, SvTFOE, and horror movies. I'm pretty much that Cisgender girl in the Hamilton Fam that loves being scared. I'm a Kamidere (The "dere" term that is used to describe people (and anime characters) with a God-complex. These people/characters are usually proud and/or arrogant and take absolutely no shame in stating what they believe they are the best at. Sometimes they might also be a tsundere (appears cold, but loving on inside) as well.) My favorite colors are Dark Sky Blue and Honeydew Green. I am usually described as trustworthy, carefree, and a little spice of 'savage'. But if you get on my bad side, I'm rude, obnoxious and something to be feared. Before I got accepted in the Hamiltions I was a trial member in the D'Ambrois. Luan D'Ambrois never got to be my name, unlike the lucky acceptants. I didn't really feel like I belonged in royalty and in "Noir Black Prada Nightgowns". I never liked wearing "Gold And Black Caviar Leather Chanel Bags". I could go on about how much those types of families annoy me, but let's push that aside. All that is behind me now and The Hamiltons are my whole world."

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